Anto George

Anto George’s body of work is deeply rooted in the eternal discourse regarding “what is art?” He creates and breaks realities within and around various objects while dissecting the norms of...


Martin O C

Martin OC constructs a seemingly unnatural universe using some of the most natural occurrences. His practices are often contradicting each other as polar opposites to generate...


Anitha T K

Anitha T K’s practices arise from the uncertainties and complexities of life. She deals with the cardinal question of the meaning of life and the purpose of art while her work better describes...



Primitive existential angst is the first thing that comes into mind while watching Gopalan perform his theatrical interpretations of human conditions. Apart from being an actor for more than three...



Mubarak's quest for artistic expressions spans across the diverse space-time continuum. People, things (both tangible and intangible), ideas, and apparitions get a new spatial and...


Little Dipu

Little Dipu explores poetic expressions regardless of the medium. He works on various objects to shape up hybrid experiences camouflaged in life, reality, truth, existence, and death. His work...


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