Our long years of pondering on the myriad relationships between man, nature, art, and the poetics of existence eventually culminated into “ATMATA ArtNature,” a collective of people from various facets of life. We came together to launch  “ArtNature” to establish and maintain cultural public places for art and cultural studies, to provide platforms for all kinds of performing arts practises, to conduct training camps and workshops for art enthusiasts and students in association with famous artists and experts. 


“ArtNature” is instrumental in establishing and maintaining art galleries and performing centres. We are committed to the conservation, protection, restoration, creation, expansion and enhancement of the wellbeing of the natural environment and habitats. We envision “no strings attached” accessibility for “ArtNature” initiatives as well as associated infrastructure to ensure the existence of a thriving cultural space resonating with dialogues, togetherness, health debates, laughter, and empathy. 


Our other long term objectives include collaborating with schools, colleges, libraries, reading rooms, universities, and research institutions by facilitating financial assistance in the form of grants for the development of educational practices and diffusion of knowledge into the public. We have put our faith on the budding student community while igniting their quest for new vistas of knowledge through studentships, scholarships, books, stipends etc. 


We have also laid a long path for “ArtNature” for the years to come to establish, maintain or grant aid for various institutions, establishments and the maintenance of parks, gardens, clubs, and creative public spaces for children and hangouts  for the public to explore everything happening around the world in the realms of science, literature, music, drama and fine arts. 

28, Vidyuth Nagar, Palakkad, Kerala, India, 678001

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